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Rules and Guidelines

Post  insanegod on Sun Dec 04, 2011 12:32 pm


As much as I hate them every guild needs rules. We plan on getting to raiding at end game so we will address loot rules when we all get there.

In the mean time I thought I would list some general rules for guild members and potential applicants.

1. No begging/whining in guild. If you need help or assistance with something then ask and if we can help you we will. If we can't don't continue asking over and over. No begging for money to buy some "epic" item on the bazaar. Any member caught begging/whining repeatedly in guild will get a swift kick.

2. No complaining over loot (when we get to it ). Everything will be awarded fairly and based on attendance. I.E. If it's your first time raiding and something drops that you want but another member who has ran 5 raids with the guild before this raid wants it as well, it will go to them. Main specs come before any alternate or off-specs. Members will be limited to 1 item per run unless no other person needs an item. Need will always come before greed. Any bind on equip items must be equipped immediately if needed on. As important as loot is keeping everything fair and the guild happy is more important. So if you can't handle not getting every single piece of loot that drops in a raid...tough shit.

3. We're not a damn dictatorship but if you're doing something and a officer asks you to stop, then please stop. This pertains to something that might make the guild look bad. I don't care about having a good reputation as our actions will speak for us, but I don't want a bad reputation. For example, racial slurs, ninja looting, intentional group/raid wiping. We're all adults and swear frequently, but there is a limit to what we will put up with as a guild.


1. 17+ years old only. Period. We swear and will probably crack some crude humor jokes. I don't want to hear from someone about there are children in the guild and so forth. This is non-negotiable.

2. Don't come here expecting to get everything handed to you. You want the stuff go quest and get it. Need a flashpoint ran? Ask. If you can't get help try to pug or wait a while and ask later when people might be free. Be self sufficient. No free milk here.

3. All applicants will have a officer talk to them before being accepted to the guild. We are not elite assholes but we at least want competent people in the guild. This might include running a flashpoint or some other situation to determine whether we accept you to the guild.

All: This is a PVP guild on a PVP server. If you see a fellow Imperial in trouble, help them. Most importantly...have fun!

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